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‘Making Hay While the Sun Shines’ is Premised on Time and Timing.

Romance is observed at peacetime not at labour because labour is war.

If your guest is coming from outside when and where it’s raining cats and dogs and drenched all over I’m sure you will give him dry towel, warm clothing and offer such steaming tea. Why didn’t you give him or her chilled drink?

If the same guest knocks on your door on a very hot and scorching summer afternoon and you open the door you’ll likely offer him chilled drink and such will likely flash you a warm smile but why didn’t you gift her steaming tea?

Timing matters in life and if we get it right commendation will follow but if you get it wrong the result could be condemnation. To this end we need to be sensitive to this crucial variables to get the best results in love and life.

I’m sure if your expectant wife feels the onset of labour you will take her to the hospital and not hospice … leaders, followers need to understand this delicate issue. I hope we all follow this primordial ideology.

If Government and law-court release those held by the state early enough many will say “This is Government of the people,” but should they delay incarceration unduly cries and protests may follow and what we’re trying to avoid could be what we’d grapple with in the end.

A society that can’t manage her differences, blessings, inadequacies, policies to the letter … may not be able to manage too many crisis at the same time and that could lead to anarchy ….Crowd mentality may trigger-off already rested issues. One death could trigger many ….

Tug-of-war is observed at peace time … anybody could chant war songs but those who fear unrest, pandemonium … the most ironically are usually the most courageous. It could appear that the two are miles apart but in reality they are inch apart. The qualities found in one are seen in the other.

Sweet dreams and tender night’s rest.

Hello but why didn’t I say ‘Good morning or lovely day ahead’?  It’s almost 10pm in Nigeria and we are in Nigeria. Time and timing!

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