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The Mess to Message Story of Victor the JJC (Script to Story-line) II

Intimate love begins with communication and communication begins with ONE word can you recollect that word you used in your case?

“All said and done now how do I go about this, knowing full well I’m a JJC in this subject matter!” Victor inquired smartly.

“A matter is anything that has weight and occupies space so relax both of you are matter and you don’t need Martha (a woman) in this matter!” Shola voiced.

And Emmanuel wrote some lines for Victor.

“Hey babe, I’m Victor but my friends call me TG meaning ‘Tall Guy’, I’m tall, big but I’m a man of small words, I don’t talk much but I like you, can we become friends?”

Emmanuel wrote the lines for him as template but victor took to his room and downloaded it hook, line and sinker. He crammed everything.

This morning (Monday morning) The two brothers began to monitor Tina’s movement and when they saw her access a restaurant they quickly called and alerted Victor to follow.

Victor rehearsed his script and followed her to the restaurant and since he had downloaded the script what next? Upload. Did he upload accurately?

Talking about upload, it’s pretty difficult to regurgitate what you had crammed if your mind isn’t at rest. Was Victor’s mind at rest? time will tell!

Tina bought burger with chilled drink and lounged to relish her meal when Victor sauntered in. “Hey Tina babe I’m Victor but my friends call me TG meaning ‘Tall Guy’, I’m tall, big but I’m a man of small words, I don’t talk much but I like you, can we become friends?”

The way Victor did ‘la cram la pour’ sounds so funny and entertaining so much so that Tina wondered what went amiss. She felt puzzled “Is this guy rapping or singing or what?”

She didn’t hear the ‘Tina’ aspect of the Latin and that saved Victor loads of headache.

“You must be a very funny guy … do you go about town wooing any lady you behold?”

“Yes … no ma!” Victor stuttered.

My audience, you know what? Tina became older, badder, meaner … when the accusation dropped from her mouth and that made Victor mistakenly voiced ‘ma!’

Tina felt he was teasing her and she found him more interesting … in the end Victor had an extra contact on his phone that day same with Tina but trust women … Tina won’t save it in his presence though some women can save in your very presence and could even be the one that request for your contact. Contexts!

Now when Victor returned to his cousins and they saw him smiling, they felt it was a sheepish smile but later knew it was a t-r-u-e smile.

They had planned to turn him to a buffoon and carve out a caricature of his real person when they lounge for dinner later in the evening.

What am I saying? All members of the Ojo family are comedians including their mum and Victor and his script would have been a perfect dinner at dining table. But sorry the script became story-line.

And victor never became the victim. He became victorious!

Tina’s heart was broken after a ugly incident. Her best friend got pregnant (unintended) and died, no thanks to abortion.

Keep enjoying your Sallah.

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