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The Mess to Message Story of Victor the JJC (Script to Story-line).

Man on intimate mission.

The Ojos – Shola 26 (Masters student) with his younger brother Emmanuel 24 (contract staff) have a neighbour Tina 22 a corps member serving in Nkalagu, Ebonyi State (South-east Nigeria). Tina was calm and friendly but had very sharp mouth but she doesn’t bark or bite unnecessarily except of course you intrude her territory and keep loitering about needlessly.

In other words if you ask her out, no problem, but if she says ‘no’ and you didn’t respect her no by giving her space to possibly say yes she won’t hesitate to bark and bite you. Her heart was broken once and that became the Great Wall of China around her heart … it also sharpened her mouth the more and added venom to same.

Shola and Emmanuel both based in Lokoja attended different higher institutions and had tasted Tina’s venom and it was bitter, very bitter. Shola wooed her years back and Emmanuel did likewise but at different times and since they were, are brothers they both shared their own experiences of Tina which was highly entertaining.

“So you went behind my back to woo my woman? Thank God you didn’t win her heart!” Shola had accused his younger brother, Emmanuel.

Boda agbaya, I didn’t know you had interest in the lady o and besides you didn’t even tell me you had been waiting for her to cross the bridge of ‘minor’ to adulthood all these years!” Emmanuel fired back.

Shola and Emmanuel had a cousin Victor who lived in Edo but came around for the Sallah holidays. Victor 23 had never dated anyone his entire life and so Shola and Emmanuel felt it was time he dated someone and of all ladies in life it was Tina they felt was his best option.

Shola told Victor, “Baba you’re dulling yourself … you’re a man now after all you’re working and earning about 150k per month … if you wait till you become a millionaire, perhaps you are one already you will choose the wrong woman, believe me!”

“Talking about the wrong woman, believe me if you join the bandwagon of people labeling women as weaker vessel and you chose a wife casually based on that you might regret it your entire life. The weaker vessel is hinged on a particular context you know!” Emmanuel pontificated.

“Talking about contexts, the situation at hand is the best. Yes there’s a lovely lady here, our neighbour she’s good and believe me she will suit you!” Shola trumpeted.

“Not only ‘suit’ she’s likely to be the bone of your bones and flesh of your flesh ….” Emmanuel added his voice.

In a nutshell they convinced Victor to woo Tina and he agreed and they all tittered and laughed excitedly.

The ringing tones attracted Mrs. Ojo who gate-crashed their privacy and voiced, “Obinrin, Obinrin, obinrin … yes that’s what you guys are discussing.” And the three men laughed the more Mrs. Ojo later left. Obinrin: women in this case.


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