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Bedtime Café (Sleeping Positions vs. Age of Marriage)

On first night as couple ‘kids and cartoons’ often emerge from adults that said “I do” even if sex isn’t new to them.

First night (many times) is devoid of sex no thanks to loss of energy and hence appetite for same but the feelings of accomplishment surge through the systems of couples.

This article is published for fun nonetheless it’s an inspiration, instructions for couples on the need for them to be conscious of some variables they looked up to at the outset of their marriage which had expired and this could be telltale signs of cracks, loopholes in their marriage or possibly because they had evolved without falling apart affection-wise.

Honeymoon phase: the alcohol of courtship is still intense, little wonder they snuggle up to each other, cuddling and chatting like no tomorrow. This chit-chat, gossip could be before and/or after sex.

9 months after their wedding: this couple had not gotten over the hangover of the love-alcohol they took while in honeymoon.

This isn’t the end of this article so follow us as we embark on the series.

Guess the anniversary this couple are celebrating?

There’s work and school tomorrow o … and yes our own vacation on this site too is beckoning.

Sweet dreams and refreshing night’s rest.

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