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Critical Analysis of Times and Human Behaviours. (I)

Football team is like leaders and followers where the input of each player matters.

You know I’m blunt and considerate and understanding at the same time, I thank God for that now let me pass some information across to you all and sure many had voiced it directly and indirectly to me and they will smile and say, “Yes he’s talking about it now, he’s too maverick to have ignored it for too long …” but it’s not basically about me but the issue beneath is of utmost importance to me.

Now know and note that I’m in Nigeria today but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a leader in America tomorrow but does that change my roots? No! I didn’t leave Nigeria before God decided to bring nations to Nigeria so interestingly I’m a leader ‘across borders’ so humanity of which America is a member is right here.

Now what is the essence of championing a cause if you have an idea of the whole anatomy, yet leave one side and focus on the other half? I leave that to you to answer.

But I must start from the foundation and this article is to enlighten followers … clue, as well as motivate our leaders in Africa and beyond  and not to make them complacent.

God is ultimate in my life and on this site and I don’t need to announce it before you know God is powering His cause so I’ve got no sweat whatsoever but then I fight for the voiceless in my own way because many may not have the grit, tenacity to persevere in their own storms.

Yes I know many wonder how I manage to pull stuff together – need I say God is my Gibraltar!

A lady began a project on social media which could evolve to many other positive things and was garnering fans and following but over time she stopped and as a life coach I tried to calculate the words external and internal that could be responsible.

In my group on social media a particular member usually share motivational prayers on Mondays and very inspiring but I didn’t say anything as regards that but I was following her though I had commented on the fact that beyond what binds us as group members on that mobile application other things they share I benefit immensely from. Thank you for contributing.

These are personalities not companies that folded up and so no noise or news.

Those who know you way back may not be motivated to key into your process but they are usually the first to identify with your success and that’s where strangers are families and families and friends are aliens. In some cases, not all. What do I mean?

Information (discovery, insightful articles, inspiring pictures …) that people share on social media many times belong to those who don’t know them from Adam and that which belongs to people very close to them they ignore … the culprit here could be ‘familiarity that breeds contempt’ so don’t feel bad about it but many are not conscious of this fact and are also doing similarly to others, worse still some had even attempted suicide or actual suicide on such a t-r-i-v-i-a-l matter – anyway maybe not to this class of people!

Many times in an attempt to resolve a challenge we end up fighting ourselves over the problem so who will resolve?

Many celebs will tell you that their loved ones are their last fans in fact rivals in some cases … hello my family (extended and nuclear) have been supportive so don’t attach it to me but it’s a fact. Yes it’s also a fact that we have opposition in our families which we resolve many times and get along.

Family members at times feel they are entitled to your emotions, resources … now if such is your spouse, parents, or children maybe the allegation could be right, after all an unkempt woman ‘must’ have an irresponsible man at home and the man who knows all the restaurants in town ‘definitely’ has an uncaring wife. Senior citizens begging, motivate mouths laced with insults to tongue-lash their children ….

“This (wo)man must have useless children at home to be begging on the street at this age …” that’s the ideal thing that will pop up in the mind of a literal observer.

Nonetheless a lazy person will find someone to blame all day long (maybe his or her entire lifetime) without striving to change his estate in life and most times the guilty person is actually the lazy person ….

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