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Critical Analysis of Times and Human Behaviours (II)

Penalty is access to goal but not goal itself.

Did you know that the contraption ‘leader-follower’ is just an identification not mindset or personality and the moment the seats change you will see the followers (now leaders) embracing, expressing what they were hitherto condemning (as followers).

They say a poor man exhibits the behavior of a stranger but when he becomes rich you will see his true behaviours. Now such didn’t change, poverty (or lack of riches) that was hitherto covering his attitudes had gone – that’s exactly the same thing with followers.

Yes money can change your tastes but it can hardly change your true personality.

Followers are fond of pointing accusing fingers at leaders but they hardly realize they are just on the seat of the Governed and the behaviours peculiar to that phase they release but when things change they express the new ones which had been with them all along but the customized soil for it to be sown was missing. Be a leader, a true leader in your own space.

Father-in-law telling his daughter not to listen to her husband, “Go to work after all you close at 7pm not 10pm,” meanwhile he didn’t allow his own wife to work the job that will delay her beyond 2pm. “Iya Sumbo it’s 1:59pm pm o I hope you’re now at home … prepare my amala o. Mo n bo (I’m coming) I’ll come home early today!”

If you always feel you’re helpless as a follower you don’t deserve that seat and title. My published article: ‘Inordinate Sense of Entitlement’ is a wake-up call to all including myself.

Not seeing where you go wrong. You, yes you! Passing the buck, finding whom to blame … now selfishness is our main problem which births corruption and keeps fueling it but if you’re selfless you’re automatically taken for granted. She’s not my family but if he was your family or wife or husband you will go on rooftop and shout and others will also tell you to keep quiet.

Selfishness in its diversities.

Truth be told Government deserves the bulk of the blame but followers 30 years ago are leaders today and what they disliked then they like now and are now enjoying. “Ah Government did this, did that.” You’re part of Government now ain’t you doing the same in fact worse-off! Lobatan

I’m sure you believe in little drops why CAN’T you add that little in your own corner and forget you’ve got leaders and let leaders do their own as if they’ve got no support from followers too.

Leaders you’re at the fore-front and your tenure will lapse someday but virtually all followers will blame you so don’t, NEVER compromise or go complacent. You’re the history that Nigerians will talk about. And sure you can influence the polity far better than followers.

Followers. Stop waiting for Government or someone in authority to take the BIG step, take your own small steps where you are right now.

Rate this article? Lies or truth? Truth is bitter! I know many will say ‘Bitter truth’. Don’t be a leech.

Many times in the past I’d averted accidents – as passenger not driver. As a follower you can contribute your quota.

Comments from the drivers:

“Ah oga I didn’t see the bike o!”

Aburo ah o seun o!” Thank you.

“Where did the boy emerge from?” and so on

I wasn’t the driver, was I?

The exact thing you complain about your leaders you all express at micro-levels because you’re not at the forefront, spotlight and the little in your hand perhaps you didn’t do great thing with it, so how do you expect your society to grow or motivate God to add more in quality and quantity?

I don’t hold any political office and no politician can say he gave me this or that. So? Fill in the blank.

Now seriously speaking I’m not exempted here but consciousness will go a long way to me, for us. Orientation.

Now when leaders do the exact thing (rigidity) followers are doing in their own corner and space they cry foul play. Now am I lying or saying the truth?

Be selfless in your own little space.

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