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Family of friends enjoying intimate bond and relishing nature. Yes beach uploads peak fun with nature next door.

The beach is sea of fun, and in the major fun there are units  – horse ride, music, games, ice-cream, chilled drinks, snacks, food, party ….

Horses are fun animals and they are used in sports (polo) carnivals (durbar and so on) and fun-ride on our beaches. Horses are synonymous to royalty and that’s why they are pets and possessions of kings which is documented in the Holy Books and yes contemporary kings, especially emirs love these animals.

Wealthy people own these animals in the past even till date and legends posit that the name ‘Aleshinloye’ connotes wealth because oye (harmattan) is peculiar to dry season and during this period water is relatively scarce so if you have horse, you’re rich and if you boast of many horses during the dry season you’re wealthy. ‘Ale shin loye’. We own horse(s) at harmattan. If you have bore-hole in your house it’s money; if you have servants (in the past) who go about searching and fetching water for your horses you’ve got money.

Horse handlers on our beaches make fun, exhibit stunts but if you’re not know your limit, ride calmly.

100% horse-ride fun. What with the soothing, refreshing sea-breeze and the turquoise waters.

Fun-seekers with ready-made smiles © … © …

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Photo credits: GRACE EKPU/BBC/Youtube/hometown.ng


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