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The Orientation We Need in Africa.

Open and honest communication is the beginning of orientation.

Free things – public funds, sex, dead or dying animals – whale at sea, goat … are all cheap and cheap things many times are risky better still not safe. A society where corruption thrives will be a very poor and cheap society. Is there correlation? Yes of course!

Poverty is the cheapest commodity ever and poverty is money that’s used to buy more poverty. Public funds is cheap, very cheap and the easiest to steal in a cheap society.

You steal public funds and use part of it to imprison justice and stomach the rest. Otunba Arowolo Arowojobe used public funds stolen to do ‘shut up’ to journalists, legal practitioners et al … and pockets over 80% of the remaining resources. The one who sacked innocent staff members, raped or killed … uses money to turn justice to monkey and his donkey rides with impunity.

Be wary of what you get easily, you might be smiling, but someone, in fact many are crying, dying over same. Is it Internet fraud, money-laundering, kidnapping name it.

Poverty is the easiest, cheapest resources to access and all you need do is bear malice with work and go on spending spree, you may not even need to do that in many cases.  Wake. Sleep. Wake ….

You see a dead goat on a footpath, you carry home and eat worse still butcher and take to the market to sell. Before you saw the dead goat were you not living and sure you will if you say no to it!

You saw a truck filled with goods involved in an accident and you rushed to loot, it could be truck carrying other things …. Now amongst those who rushed  to enjoy free items some might have 50k in their pockets meanwhile another could have 5k and say no this is wrong?

Can you spot the difference? Who’s cheap between the two of them?

Be wary of free sex which includes the one you pay for … the cheap sex could even be from your friend’s wife, maybe his girlfriend or boyfriend, better-half of your neighbour, or boss, female student desiring trade-by-barter to access marks …

Free sex on the mission of Joseph. Who agrees with me that Portiphar’s wife was likely to have sublime beauty? But Joseph saw an ugly heart not the jolly pretty face and sexy body.

HIV/AIDS and other STIs are replete in free sex. Don’t forget that also!

We don’t need a cheap society so let’s delete and replete with a rich clime. Crime must be arrested. Do you agree with me? If yes then let’s stop crime. Crime is cheap! Corruption is cheap! Not knowing your worth is cheap. No plan for the future is cheap. Laziness is cheap.

In rounding off insecurity is cheap but the future can be rich, very rich if you contribute your quota where ever you are in Africa and some parts of Asia. Now Asia, America, Europe, Australia and other rich climes can consolidate on their wealth and status too.

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