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Trips as Globalization and Mobile Schools.

Trips thrill especially if it’s observed in a foreign land.

People travel for different reasons which could be short or long-term and in changing locations we access instructions (give and take) and that’s why trips are mobile schools. We travel with our experiences, skills, beliefs … and in the process we extend our mini-world to the larger world.

Types of Trips:

Academic Trips: This class travel exclusively to study abroad and I guess Africans do this more than other nationals.

Academic/Work Trips: And many (especially Africans in Europe, America …) travel short-term but later convert to long-term, in other words they move from school to residency (work and family)

Work Trips (expatriates): I guess the Chinese are amongst the leaders of this category, they are proudly extending their skills (expertise) and smiling to the bank and yes they are also banks.

Marriage Trips: any Africans who marry foreigners relocate abroad but the reverse isn’t common though we have many Caucasians married to Nigerians and living here in Nigeria.

Festive-occasion and events themed trips -These people travel basically to celebrate festive occasions, events with their families and loved ones. Many Sallah celebrants have not returned and many more will remain till weekend or early next week and those on leave will stay longer. Many in this files also travel to attend weddings, anniversaries, birthdays ….

Tourism trips: These people travel basically for pleasure (domestic or international) and many Africans, Americans are in Dubai, Paris … some Europeans also come for Safari in Kenya, Cape Town and the like. Europeans are very adventurous and I guess more than us and Africans are highly accommodating (good neighbourliness) which is perfect soil for Africans to source revenue in tourism but some bad elements are not helping matters in this regards but things will surely get better. Did you notice that we are ATMs in other climes which is awesome but we are stopping others from being ATMs here! How ironic!

Medical Trips: Africans travel to America, Israel, India to source health and wellness.

Pilgrimage Trips: This is spiritually-themed trips for spiritually-inclined travelers and this class of people go to Saudi Arabia or Jerusalem … to observe this. Some in this category leave their native country with 32 teeth and come back with 33 (one extra tooth: golden) while some attach the title JP (Jerusalem Pilgrim) to their names depending on the country they had accessed.

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