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Who’s Better Between Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) and Lionel Messi.

Two geniuses in the same era will herald loads of arguments over who’s better.

I know many of you had waited long for this to come and yes I won’t shy away from this very fragile issue. I’ll say my mind on it but first and foremost I will say, “Thank you Lionel Messi and CR7 for being diligent, resourceful, inspiring, motivating and entertaining players and sure tested and trusted and not just geniuses. True success motivates me a lot.

Yes as CR7 rightly said he’s played in many clubs, leagues and made exploits with trophies as testament yes so true and Lionel Messi’s last name is Barcelona. But many players rust, lose energy, fire, bite, motivation and become complacent when they play too long in a team (and that’s why it’s pretty difficult to be a legend in a club) but we’re yet to record that in the case of Lionel Messi.

Messi didn’t become a gangster neither did he lead a rebel (actively or passively) in the team, at least none that I know of. Now don’t get me wrong CR7 behaves appropriately too.

And seriously I don’t know if you guys are gifted in the managerial department though I feel you might and would also love to watch you guys manage players even if you don’t meet on the pitch as managers or it may take a long time and that will be another huge suspense in the world of football and I see football fans preferring their clubs to lose so CR7 and Lionel Messi’s players could meet maybe in Champions League if they are in different leagues.

Messi is a legend at Barcelona but CR7 is also a legend in the department of flexibility and dynamism across clubs and leagues because many players change clubs and flop and their stories pathetically become ‘grace to grass’.

High five to CR7 and Messi on that.

When you’re good and you know that but international (country) football isn’t too inspiring, frustration could set in and with this variable comes active or passive aggression whereby you assault with your legs or mouths respectively and that’s human which is applicable to us all, and that was why I decided to connect with Messi on that, in the article I shared some weeks back. Many people might feel it’s insignificant but it’s because they are not in the person’s shoes nonetheless whatever happens in the end no one can take away Lionel Messi’s signature, footprint, history in the world of football.

Now could it be that because CR7 had played in many teams, leagues he brought the experience along to his national team which is also a club at another level. I don’t think so though it’s a possibility. But ultimately God owns and holds the remote-control and what He does in the Celestial realm it manifests terrestrially.

My verdict: Our two legs are both important and the talk of which one is better needs not arise. If you say because you’re right-footed then your mandate goes for your right foot … do you run with your right alone and while you kick the balls on the pitch which one supports you. If you’re left-footed it’s applicable to you too.

I see two contemporaries and geniuses in CR7 and Lionel Messi!

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