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Add Your Voice Make Noise About the Flood

Don’t slay where it’s not safe but make noise, generate news about our diverse ills.

NEMA and other related agencies had warned Nigerians particularly those living very close to water bodies on the fact that flood could go on the rampage in many states in Nigeria this year and many might be affected. This is the middle of August and September is next door what precautionary measures have you taken so far.

Because the python couldn’t successfully wind its body around Oderinde the hunter, he became ‘ode rinde‘ and never knew the python is strong, deadly. He turned to pet but I’m sure you don’t want to hear the rest …. Because you walked in the flood in the past you don’t know how powerful it is but don’t fall before you realize that flood is raw energy and some experiences are the best killers. Don’t underrate flood and walk in same. Dangerous reptiles might be lurking, broken bottles hiding ….

Flood could mean blood and we all know if we live in houses erected on flood-path, river course, including houses dangerously close to rivers that can curse and yes it’s better, far better to be a squatter in life than become an emergency landlord in heaven.

Finally if where you stay while it rains is safe, stay there till the rain subsides or stops completely. Now if you notice that the streets are flooded don’t tempt the flood with your blood.

Meanwhile stop the habits of dumping refuse in ditches, drainage in fact clear blocked ditches in your surroundings.

@ image: we use the picture to capture your attention and as kids we all did this but not to pose for camera but when an adults does memory lane in a dirty and unsafe environment it sends our minds racing. We don’t know the motivation behind her gesture but we had turned to news nonetheless don’t play games with your life.

Oderinde ( Yoruba name particularly last name; it’s peculiar to families of hunters. It means the ‘hunter is here’. But ‘ode rinde’ means the ‘moron has come’.

We are live from Nigeria.

Stay calm but do the needful. God will protect us all.

Photo credit: social media


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