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Peace as Most Advanced Tech.

Parks and gardens are nests for rest, relaxation and contemplation.

Regardless of the tech and resources expended in warfare, peace remains the most advanced tech and that’s why most advanced countries in the world today are not engaged in any form of violence or warfare though insecurity is part and parcel of every society.

Wealthy nations have healthy and comfortable citizenry after all basic amenities are available, affordable and accessible … now don’t forget convenience isn’t luxury per say but it’s a form of immunity against hunger, anger and violence.

Education, a basic amenity is accessible, affordable in advanced economies and that makes many educated and enlightened and education is a natural check on illiteracy, disease, poverty and violence.

Take a look around you, assess your society and you might notice that those who are volatile and trouble the society the most are uneducated people, and ghettos are factories that manufacture crime and criminals unabated.

Poverty, illiteracy, abuse of human rights, ignorance, are prevalent in Africa and incidentally they are passwords, pathway to violence and unrest. We are the ones massively smuggling, importing, buying and using arms and ammunition the most and the consequences is blood, death, debts and more poverty in quantity and quality.

Civilized and enlightened people are relatively calm and reserved after all violence is raw, archaic and barbaric.

Photo credit: whatsuplife.in


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