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Monday Motivation (feat. Queen of Tennis Serena Williams) II

Winning arts and hearts is a date with history.

Motherhood is great, an immeasurable blessings and combining the roles of a wife, mother and athlete isn’t child’s play. Now don’t forget Williams battled injuries and conquered.

Winning all the way to the finals means what to you? Your answer to that is a scale that x-ray a lot about your personality and perception.

Why is a 50-year-old man not just starting his career in football though he could do that in business? In the same sports she said she wants to enjoy her game and have fun (the quote isn’t verbatim). And the all-time legend emerged.

On September 7 she reportedly set another record on the numbers of wins per game at the US open – don’t ignore the trophy archived in that record. Serena Lost four times to four different champions – Naomi Osaka, Angelique Kerber, Simmona Halep and Bianca Andreescu

It’s not about what you did wrong or didn’t do right but it’s about what you did right to be in the final on four different occasions almost back-to-back … relax, blame yourself less. Celebrate your victories. God controls events on earth.

Playing in the final is limelight in sports and playing a legend (Williams in this context) is ‘spotlight in limelight’ and that makes the dreams of these four winners via Serena resounding and the exploits of Serena phenomenal.

The fact that Serena wants to enjoy her game now after this #dream24 supposedly begun is worth celebrating because it’s success on its own. Whoever you are whatever you do enjoy the process to your success. Serena isn’t aspiring to be a success she’s a legend already.

And she’s now success and success story, crown, trophy. Before No. 24 is a landmark, milestone which outshines the #dream24.

Meghan Markle, your friend, the Duchess of Sussex came to cheer you to success and celebrate the success. She did. Two royalty at one event. Duchess of Sussex and Queen of Lawn Tennis.

Duchess won with you. Serena won with Meghan Markle. And you both sparkle.

God’s scripts speak loudest when He uses world-renowned personalities as His actors of which the interpretation of the script goes far beyond location.

Enjoying the process, making exploits, progressing along the path undeterred made Serena a hero, true hero  … beyond the limelight, prize, accolades, ovation there you see and meet true legends.

Beyond the prize is the generous price paid. Passion. Perseverance. Patience. Discipline. Diligence. Sacrifice. Faith. Focus. All these qualities not only breathe in legends and heroes they live there.

You will understand this article more as we dissect issues related to this phenomenon.

Photo credit: Garrett Ellwood/USTA


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