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Monday Motivation (Labour as Future Favour).

The Citizens against Spurs.

Penelope (22), student is preparing for one exam and she’s indirectly preparing for another; Ronald is refining and mining his public speaking skills and that’s training ground for his future as an entrepreneur … one talent, gift is link to other skills and opportunities. One fame is contact and access to others.

‘Explore as exploits’. Frank Lampard was one a Chelsea player and that was the ladder for him to manage a leading EPL Club as a fresh football manger very few have such opportunities but he accessed the opportunity from his past exploits and experience.

EPL is preparation, training ground for Champions League and doing well in EPL translate to making exploits in the elite competition so winning the Champions League entails taking your domestic league very serious.

Winners and champions sacrifice a lot often times behind-the-scene.

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I won't bore you or box myself by defining who I'm, what I'm or where I'm headed. I AM OLAYEMI JOSEPH OGUNOJO, a Nigerian and World Citizen and a student of the 'University of Life.' If you impart knowledge into every Tayo, Tanko and Tagbo you meet, they will impact every Tom, Dick and Harry they confluence.
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