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Intimate Relationships that Trigger Possessive Instincts and Territoriality Embedded in Us.

Inter-racial couples typically invite eyes and minds to feast on their personalities and union.

Perception and opinions of ideal African men: “He married ‘our wife’ how come she refused to marry a black man? Did he use his money or status or what to swoon her head and sweep her off her feet? That’s effrontery on his part. Is she saying African men are inadequate; he doesn’t even know his boundary?”

The above feelings is courtesy of envy toward the man and jealousy towards the woman. Territoriality and Possessive instincts.

To Caucasian women: “Are we not beautiful, smart, sultry and classy enough? What did he even see in her?”

The above feelings is courtesy of envy toward the woman and jealousy towards the man. Territoriality and Possessive instincts.

African men will perceive the man as usurper and the woman as traitor; Caucasian women will see her as ‘Miss Guts’ and him as Judas.

If the lovers are both Africans but different ethnic groups like a Yoruba man married to an Igbo woman or a Ghanaian in Holy matrimony with Ivorian similar perception and opinions highlighted above will be expressed.

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