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Bedtime Café (Fertility Issues in Marriage)

If a woman sees sex as exclusively for baby it will birth issues that could tear hearts of intimates allowing tears to flow.

The Kenneths are an American couple – the female version (Ashley) wanted children the male version (Bernard) wanted none and after 5 years of fiercely debating the issue, tearing tissues they finally went for counseling sessions and in the end in lieu of children they settled for a child … christened Ebenezer.

The Smiths are a British couple they had planned to have children 7 years after ‘I do’ but their baby answered God “I do” when He asked him if he was ready to be part of the Smith family so after 4 and half years of marriage Michael gate-crashed and became a member of the Smiths. The Smiths felt bad at the outset but had to accept their fate.

Many fresh families in Europe, America, Asia … desire children and want them as early as possible and this is applicable to Africans too.

Many waiting women especially in Africa had inadvertently turned their husbands to ATM (Any Time sex Machine) because the vision (baby) had turned the mission to air that they desperately seek to breathe and this makes the process appalling but it needs to be cleansing, appealing, inspiring and motivating to perfect the soil for the seed to take root and shoot.

When you see an infant, better still a toddler you look out for her mum because ‘mummy and baby’ are 5 and 6 in life. What am I saying? Infertility affects women much more than men and even if it’s the man that’s at fault she constantly takes analgesics for his headache.

The passionate desire for the fruit of the womb makes many women desperate and this degenerate their human feelings, dulls their senses (sensual feelings) and subdues their humility at times.

Mrs. Shalom calling her hubby on phone;

“Mr. Towobola, ‘ti tibi bola’ is what I want o.  Owo won’t give me a baby, it’s only pen that can put ink on paper not hand. My ‘paper’ MUST receive at least five spoons of ink tonight. Two is weird, absurd and don’t use fingers because it’s got no ink … the more ink you pour the higher the chances. Half bread is better than none is an old adage now 12 bread is better than ½ and sure far better than none! Remember 12 baskets signify blessings I want my blessings.” Shalom cried to her husband.

Remember Hannah did similarly in the Bible.

‘Owo’ means hand but it means finger in this context.

Life is premised on times and seasons and the wife that almost kill her hubby with importunate sex demands had started her shakara after all the baby she desperately needs had been sown.

This is just the beginning of this series.


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