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Drama from #Relocation From South Africa to Nigeria.

This image strikes that of Mr. Romanus while calling from South Africa.

Some Nigerians, Tanzanians, Ghanaians  … are full of expectations and in suspense waiting for their families, friends, relatives who are relocating from South Africa but some are actually in distress because of their atrocities.

Romanus: Hello Emeka, yeah good evening … I hope my three-storey building and bungalow are ready as you claimed 6 weeks ago?

Emeka: Yes uncle, in fact I had to install solar panels on your two properties the one at Ajao Estate and your bungalow at Ilupeju Estate and you’ll need to pay me #550,000:00 for it.

Romanus: Oh, good of you my nephew, I would have sent it but I’m coming home this weekend

Emeka: To where?

Romanus: Nigeria of course!

Emeka: What but why Uncle?

Romanus: I’m leaving South Africa for Lagos, Nigeria to come and establish my business, have rest of mind … in fact I had to sell my stake, the third largest in the company to a Danish and my two cars to my two South African friends.

Emeka: Un … uncle … Nig … sir … Nigeria too is not so ….

Romanus: Home is home any time anyday, so expect me.

Emeka: Uncle the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob that has been protecting you since the time you were 1 second old in grandma’s womb to the age of 54 outside her womb will continue to protect you sir. Womb is even more dangerous than outside but God protected you why won’t He protect you in SA? Don’t come home. In fact if you stay there I’ll be sending money from your tenants to you and that’s multiple stream of income instead of coming here and taking over one property and letting out the other.

Romanus: I thought you will be happy for me. I  hope you’ve not done anything wrong?

Emeka: Uncle, uncle you know sir I’m Emeka Wright, always right … how … how can I commit something wrong … but it’s it’s …  just that I relocated to Ghana last week and won’t be back until November and ….

Romanus: You can’t be serious. I hope you didn’t scam me? I also hope my mansions isn’t in your tummy, pockets and accounts?

Emeka: No o sir … un … uncle

Romanus: If you’d swallowed my money like the snake in JAMB Office maybe gorilla in the zoo you’ll spew it up and any woman that ate my money with you must spew it up as well. If they had uploaded womb for you because you were spending someone’s money they will vomit the babies too.

Emeka: Ah uncle don’t let them vomit a living person o. I didn’t scam … No SIR. At … at all sir.

Romanus: It better not be and I hope all the pictures of my houses from grass to foundation to lintel to ceiling that you’d been sending to me are all true? Otherwise your own house just shifted to Kirikiri Maximum Prison and your term there won’t be minimum, believe me.

This pose is similar to that of Emeka when he was about picking his uncle’s call.

Emeka in this story is a bad example but using Emeka as mirror to view other Igbos, Southerners, Nigerians, is equally bad, using the crime of Ibrahim from Algeria to label all Algerians is bad, because Angela an American shares her nudes on social media doesn’t mean all Americans do that!

Honda is a brand in the automobile industry but all Honda cars are not the same.

Say no to stereotype and prejudice.

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