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ILD (International Literacy Day) 2019.

Language is a ready-made tools for imparting instructions.

September 8 (yesterday) was ILD let’s access info available on UNESCO website.

September 8th was proclaimed as International Literacy Day (ILD) at the 14th session of UNESCO’s General Conference on 26 October 1966. Since 1967, International Literacy Day (ILD) celebrations have taken place annually around the world to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights, and to advance the literacy agenda towards a more literate and sustainable society. Despite progress made, literacy challenges persist, and at the same time the demands for skills required for work, evolve rapidly. 


“Our world is rich and diverse with about 7,000 living languages. These languages are instruments for communication, engagement in lifelong learning, and participation in society and the world of work. They are also closely linked  with distinctive identities, cultures,  worldviews,  and  knowledge  systems.  Embracing  linguistic  diversity  in  education  and  literacy  development  is  therefore  a  key  part  of  developing  inclusive  societies that  respect “diversity”  and “difference”, upholding human dignity”.


“International Literacy Day 2019 will focus on ‘Literacy and multilingualism’. Despite progress made, literacy challenges persist, distributed unevenly across countries and populations. Embracing linguistic diversity in education and literacy development is central to addressing these literacy challenges and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

On the occasion of International Literacy Day 2019, the main characteristics of multilingualism in today’s globalized and digitalized world will be discussed, together with their implications for literacy in policies and practice in order to achieve greater inclusion in multilingual contexts: en.unesco.org

Teachers use language(s) to teach pupils in schools, many languages are also taught in schools (back in the day, we were taught French though many of us never took it serious) At the driving school your instructor must have used a language to tutor you; you mastered computer skills at the computer school thanks to a language, your classmates even lecturers sometimes use indigenous language to break down mountains in your courses, special topics to valleys ….

Contexts: No one teaches the other how to sleep with member of the opposite sex but in reality they do sometimes.

Twins: Desmond vs. Derrick.

Desmond, a repentant Casanova of class teased his twin-brother Derrick at his wedding: whispers. “I know you’re very tired and you won’t need my services tonight but when you go head-to-head with ‘Rocket Science’ tomorrow morning send me an SMS and I’ll reply you on how to do your wife IF she’s Mother Mary as you claim!”

Text messages connote words and words are components of languages.

Ability to read and write start with mastering a language (official or mother-tongue) I embarked on the trip of oral skills with my mother-tongue (Yoruba)

Languages are tools and instruments of instructions.

Language is education. Instructions.

And yes language is the water that floats the ship of education.

The more languages you speak the better your opportunities in life.

In rounding off, to successfully fight off EVD in Congo DR communication is highly important.

Therefore use the media aggressively especially TV and radio to reach out. And very importantly harness literary skills. In other words, author quick-read books on Ebola for school children, parents, patients, teachers and the general populace and this will enlighten, equip them and it will sure go a long way.

Education and enlightenment are awesome tools for fighting ignorance and diseases.

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