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Bedtime Café (Fertility Issues in Marriage) II

Food and drink as bait to bed

Esosa walked down the aisle in 2013 … in 2016 she begun to use food as bait to make her hubby Nosa come home early to bed … and believe me when the baby finally came Nosa begun to fast.

Call it fair share of the bargain, after all Esosa had compelled him to eat ‘6 month meal’ in ‘6 weeks’ and he didn’t complain and when he did he was bad, now that the baby had rented apartment in Esosa when Nosa asks for sex he becomes bad. “Don’t you know that you’ll hit my baby’s fragile head with your tool?” Esosa voiced.

“But the doctor said it’s a myth NOT fact!” Nosa fired back.

“Says the doctor but the doctor was bribed by my husband!” Esosa accused Nosa though she knew she was wrong and Nosa right, she just wanted to protect her baby.

Another couple, London-based Indian couple: The Rajus married in 2016. Ruth calling her hubby Paul on phone:

“Darling you know me to be a workaholic and for the past two years I’ve not gone on leave and I fought loads of wars to finally get my leave of 9 weeks in fact 72 days which also translate to 72 nights but I begged you to do likewise but you rejected my offer and refused to follow suit. Anyway you said you’ll come home by 5pm this is 4:30pm and you’re not home yet? Why Paul, why” and she burst into tears!

“Hello Ruth, let me tell you the truth … now how can I close at work at 5pm and be at home at 4:30pm? Hello, can you see that you’re making yourself vulnerable to too much stress and it will affect your senses. 7 days make one week and that makes 9 weeks 63 days/63 nights NOT 72. Now I refused to request for leave so that two people can live and prosper to raise a family. If we’re not careful the addition we want to our family could turn to minus. Now it doesn’t make sense for two people to become zero (die) because they want to become 3, 4 and so on or you don’t know that too much sex is suicidal? What shall it profit a family that gained the whole sex in the world but lost their life in the process? Now if they are not careful they might lose their souls too and that will be worse off  because God had warned us against this or you don’t know that baby, family, money, titles … represent ‘the whole world’?” Paul a skilled listener replied his wife Ruth.

Talking Point.

Where were you 80 years ago? Where will you be in 80 years time? Can you see now that life is vanity but ironically we are too emotional to be logical, which makes us too conscious of our journey here on earth but forget our eternity which is forever even if you doubt that I’m sure you won’t doubt the fact that people die and everyone will but at different times. So?

Don’t take life too serious! Enjoy the process (sex in this case) to your success: child(ren). Interestingly if you ‘forget your goals’ and focus on the now you will enjoy your partner hence love and life better matter-of-factly your dreams will leave its abode and travel to meet you instead of the other way round which is a disservice to your dreams.

In rounding off, sex is first and foremost intimate pleasure wherein lies companionship, friendship, trust, faith. It’s give-and-take and while selflessly giving and receiving you receive the fruit of the womb.

If you’re a waiting couple relax, enjoy your love, enjoy your time in bed, enrich your sex-life, take your medications religiously and connect intimately and regularly except you want God to be a magician in your case. He may not, in fact He’s not likely to, so connect in bed.

Sweet dreams to you all.

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