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Converting Your Talents to Skills and Exploits.

Former Chelsea player Eden Hazard with the UEFA (Europa) League trophy he won for Chelsea before leaving Stamford Bridge for Bernabeu.

Eden Hazard, the former Chelsea forward won the 2018/19 UEFA Europa League Player of the Season.

Congrats. More Exploits.

We all have legs but not all of us are skilled in playing football especially to the level where people watch us across the globe but God has blessed you with something, some things, what is it? What are they?

We watch the legs of footballers performing wonders on the turf but the director is in their brains but all of us have brains? Yes but they are wired uniquely, professionally with mines and it’s now left for the bearer to discover.

We all have brains but speak different languages which means the brains is like a garden and what you sow therein you will reap and yes some crops don’t do well on some soils but if the soil is 5, and the seed 6 they will partner and blossom sensationally.

When God made life; he made limbs and football became real but ‘hanging in the air’ there are many ‘skilled footballers’ who never played football because the sports wasn’t discovered in their time.

Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller. Your special talent could be dormant waiting for someone to discover … what it’s customized for and the good news? You can discover and pioneer it!

And even at that you’ve got talents that can be expressed this moment.

I don’t know how long crude oil had been in Nigeria but it was discovered in Oloibiri, Bayelsa State (south south) Nigeria. Reports have it that it was discovered in 1901 but industrial development begun in 1956. It was lying fallow for 55 years!

Now not all nations of the world have fossil fuel (crude oil) but some do and some nations of the world are blessed with other resources peculiar to their clime and by extension some resources are useless as it were but when tech, situations, contraption, that’s customized for them come to the fore the resources will scream “Here I am.”

Resources matter to nations as talents matter to individuals.

I discovered mine and the partnership of God with this scientist reveals how contraptions flow from spiritual to physical realm, if I wasn’t educated will that be possible, maybe if God wants to be a magician!

I can’t speak German, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish … because I wasn’t directly exposed to same.

Discover your mine!

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