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Maintenance Culture as Safety and Longevity (Road Maintenance Mode).

Refurbishing of roads is a form of maintenance culture.

When cars pass along this route (roads under rehabilitation) they deliberately slow down without the knowledge of their drivers and then voice, “Ope o I won’t have to pirate and mimic the movements of snakes in the jungle here again,” and the cars will whisper in their language to the four tyres, “Ore, congrats and happy birthday, that’s long life and prosperity to you!”

And the tyres will smile back and their spokesman will finally reply the cars, “Ah see our boss, it’s congrats to both of us what affects us affects you too!”

And the cars will pause and voice, “That’s true!”

Good roads means safety and safety translate to long life to motorists, commuters and pedestrians.

Photo credit: PM News.



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