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GSM Village & Villagers (When {3} Three Becomes FREE)

Text message x-rays words from the sender which has the potential to make us smile, laugh, happy, angry and so on.

Vincent met a lady for the first time they chatted … she was interesting to him; he was compelling to her …  and then that awkward moment characterized with noise beckons.

Silence. That awkward moment.

He begins to search for words to knife the silence, same with her but she was afraid not to release silly statements and explode in sheepish smiles to soften the embarrassment. Yeah perfect time to use one stone to pull a ton of mineral resources.

She brought out her phone.

She knew if he wasn’t interested in requesting for her contacts her phone will tempt and spur him on. He felt indifferent. He looked else where to put her in suspense and after several minutes he asked, “Your voice sounded sweet and even if it’s just to hear your music once in 12 months I won’t mind though I’m very poor at calling people.”

He had not finished before she started, “Okay 08033 ….”

Pronounced “Zero, eight, zero FREE, FREE …. ” and Vincent was filled to the brim with the balloon of laughter but he dare not puncture!

Laughter kept in the refrigerator.

He finally got home, picked his phone and saw her message … and that was pass for his laughter.

@ image: ‘FREE FREE in lieu of Three Three is laughter of diverse tones.

Phot credit: Istock


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