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The Need to Recycle PET Bottles.

PET bottles are weightless, ‘unbreakable’ need no openers and easy to carry around.

However virtually all smart things have their downsides but this is peculiar to us …. PET bottles are plenty in our ditch and drainage and streams and rivers and that’s not only risky, it means resources that could have been recycled to many other goods had turned to waste.

Interestingly poor societies need resources yet they are the ones that hardly recycle products like this and instead of making money, conserving resources they end up disposing same which  is waste with its attendant consequences.

If you have these bottles in your homes, offices, stores … kudos to you at least you had saved some bottles from floating on our streams and drainage. Some don’t have these bottles at home because they later give to people who use it to package kunu, zobo, palm-oil, vegetable oil, dish-washing liquids …. but the thing is the end users also thrash on the streets, refuse dump … and hey find their way back in ditches blocking same¬† and many times they end up in streams, rivers.

If you as a Nigerian decide to add or minus good or bad respectively the result will spread and multiplier effect will be felt in the long run.

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