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Bedtime Café (Sleeping Positions vs. Age of Marriage) Continuation

His snore was once lullaby but now it’s hullabaloo.

Our voices are unique and distinct but who says all snores have the same pitch and ring tone?

Couple @ image:

When they just got married his snores sound like news, she enjoys it, feels secure ‘hearing him’ far in her sleep but don’t doubt it because love especially the fresh version has the potential to make a man that’s plain-faced very handsome; it can give height to a diminutive man, calm to aggression, humour to terse ….

When you love someone you love all items in their bouquet: bag and baggage but after their fourth anniversary she became conscious of his snores and by then it has turned to noise.

No thanks to wears and tears in their marriage but this is due to lack of maintenance. Love and intimacy need to be serviced and repaired regularly but not necessarily by seeing a psychologist. The Golden Rule is enough here.

The female version began to sleep 6-9 position, in other words she sleeps in a position that puts her head beside his leg, hence her own legs will be beside his face. But he had once mistakenly kicked her and she passed through the net. It’s a goal, no gaol for her lips had hips, big hips and she had to lie to neighbours and her colleagues. “My bedroom door banged my mouth!”

The pains subsided after 24 hours but it took 3 days before the hips on her lips disappeared.

Look at the image try and picture where the man’s legs are now put the head of the woman beside his legs and that means her own legs will be where her head currently is @ image.

4 years earlier his snores was lullaby in her ears but now it’s hullabaloo.

So what happened? Every unresolved issue, every pain without gain peaks her intolerance of him and the higher, bigger the intolerance the farther their love and intimacy which could finally end in divorce. The man too doesn’t cherish her like old times.

Sure we are from Pearlvision

It’s 9:40pm (Friday evening September 13, 2019) in Nigeria.

Have a refreshing night’s rest.

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