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People We Call the Most.

We’ve all got our social circle and calls make us keep in touch with them.

 If you were asked to mention five names of your most-called of all-time I’m sure as married your spouse should be at the summit or runner-up, it all depends on the circumstance.

Therefore spouse/boss/PA/business partner … may compete, and yes they are usually the closest to us. But where couples double as business partners then their spouses should be the most-called with four others.

Parents and romantic partners could be the most-called for singles and for some it could be classmates, friends, business-partners name it.

The most-called could vary with times and seasons and in the light of this Yaqub’s supervisor (Dr. Tukur) was his most-called in the month of July and August. In fact not his female friend-cum-classmate Adiza and his parents could compete with Dr. Tukur though they were runners-up at the period under review. Yaqub was a final-year student doing his project.

Let’s check Ellas’s most-called from September  1 to date – her fiancée, parents, events planner, bridal gown designer, makeup artists, cousins and cake-maker. More than five!

Ella is (September 14, 2019 bride)

Top five could change part-time or per time but who are your top-five of all-time?

Have a blessed and refreshing weekend.

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