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Whats Does Friday Mean to You?

Smiles and selfies all the way

To Muslims it’s obviously Mosque and Jumat Service

To many Africans time to deck their favourite native wears

To workers of the corporate world it’s casuals

To Lilian it’s time for shopping: groceries, soup ingredients, sometimes wears, at times phones name it

To Nike it’s time to prepare lots of soups, stews and straight to freezers: weekend item 7 saved in food bank.

To Nkem it’s TV time: soaps, TV shows, news, fashion shows … no limits

Eve of League football to the Steves of this world!

To Deepika in India it’s a day to dig deep and plan for the weekend as a PMUA

To Pedro it’s a special day set aside for a date at the barbers

It’s vigil in Church┬áto Sister Margaret but it’s not advisable to leave at 4:00am so always wait till daybreak before leaving church for home.

It means many, various things to different people though one thing usually stand out amongst the pack but what does it mean to you?

Weekend feelings, fragrance in the air.

Happy people. We are weekend people. And we are olayemiogunojo.com

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