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Being the Woman of Your Dreams.

Be an active self-explorer and the world will adore you.

Many of us know people: men and women who are vulnerable in love because they don’t know there’s a vacuum in their life that needs to be filled. It’s healing from past hurt for Laraba; the lantern needed by Lantana is self-love to sow self-worth as well as self-worth to attain self-love.

See Barbara catch love, self-love and plant in your heart; fall in love with your brand again and again. Preserve your future by embracing your past. Leave the baggage behind otherwise it will turn to garbage in the future: from bad to worse.

Eunice says her past was clean, cool but what about your dad who abused your mum many times for a long time … that affected your self-esteem.

Eve, get a book and document your fears in love and life; delve deep to unravel your mysteries and it will clue you on your miseries.

See Deborah we are all selfish by nature and this trait is expressed in all of us (hook, line and sinker) at childhood but  as we grow and mature, we learn and advance and greed gradually (not dramatically) decline and dissipate.

I guess people had to be greedy at a stage (… age) in our world to sustain humanity (through survival of the fittest and elimination of the unfit) and the instinct is real and ripe in us at childhood. So what am I saying?

If you’re dependent in life, it’s an handicap and you’re at a disadvantage … and this is applicable in love so don’t put yourself in a position that will make others abuse you, worse still perceive you as worthless.

If you don’t love yourself you will lose your self-esteem, self-pride and become dependent in love and that will suffocate your partner. Heal yourself first and if you need a therapist don’t hesitate to call one.

Many of those who commit suicide because their lover jilted them see their partners as the air they breathe. Terrible.

Invest in your life, change your environment, learn a new language, get motivational books to inspire and galvanize you ….

Successful men have loads of women around them and if you feel you will use emotions (not attitude) to win him that will certainly be your undoing because it’s counter-productive.

Bridge your heart with your mind and decide to be a wonderful woman and believe me men will come for you. Smart and sensible men cherish women who are smart yet calm and in control.

Success attracts success and successful people see success in their partners before voting for them in love.

We are on break. See you on Saturday, God willing.

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