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Jollof Rice on the Spotlight.

Jollof is a combo of joy, love and  of course taste.

Who discovered jollof rice? We just sent some minds on errands … hello stop racking your brains, Google it perhaps you might be fortunate to find the pioneer or the history after all it could be a process which started with ‘jo’ then ‘Jollo’ an finally Jollof rice. Lol

How do you love to relish your jollof rice? With spoon or fork? Chilled drinks or steaming beverage? I know this actually depends on your personality as well as whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many homes have jollof on the menu tonight thanks to the wedding they attended earlier in the day.

Oh I can see someone ensconced on her favourite living-room couch munching her rice; and another on the rug watching his favourite soap and his mouth running without tiring. Hello someone had opened her own dish, her mouth full of water after all her nose had picked the sexy aroma coming from the jollof hosting two big meats: beef and chicken!

Jollof rice is a special meal any day and events add crown and trophy to this tasty meal. Jollof and festive occasion or events often go together and it’s not uncommon to enjoy our jollof with loved ones.

Birthday, marriage … upload jollof; Christmas, Sallah, Easter all do too and family and friends are usually around on these special occasions and so jollof is for all!

Just as olayemiogunojo.com is for the world.

Photo credit: guardian.ng


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