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Lessons From the Labour-room in the Restroom (feat. the Cardozas)

When constipation is bowel bump restroom becomes the labour-room.

The home of the Cardozas. Camilla just delivered of a bouncing baby boy but her hubby Martín was still in the same mode before his wife delivered of their second child.

“Darling, you pretend as if I don’t need your support right now and if you can’t prepare your meal with that of the kid then be ready to send in extra help at your own expense. Pocket!” Camilla piped.

“My mum had seven of us and did everything in our home because our dad was overseas so what stops you today’s woman from doing much more after all you call yourself SUPERwoman!” Martín fired back and left for the club.

He came back late in the night. Got pregnant at night.

Early in the morning he became a patient at the hospital, sorry rest room. He was crying, breathing hard like a woman in labour and after 20 minutes he managed to release some stone-hard ‘wastby,’ and that was a huge lesson for him.

One information dropped in his mind while he was labouring to release ordinary wastes.

“See this insensitive and selfish man. Did you know the pains your wife went through was several times more than this?”

And Martín paused and pondered. He became sober, sombre and that was his own transformation. He became a very caring hubby so much so that Camilla kept wondering what went amiss!

Sympathy is emotional reaction while empathy is intellectual response. The latter is ability to delve deep to relate and feel the depth others had been in or are currently in.

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