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Short Story. ‘The Photographer and the Princess’.

The camera is behind-the-scene but the beauty is in front.

It was her friend’s wedding and that was big inspiration, motivation to Adjoa to get serious about her own wedding. Adjoa the princess saw a cute photographer and the magnet in her set out a net to capture the photographer and that was magical.

“Hello Miss … sister … I’m Mr. Picture please let me capture your personal culture, I mean your image and preserve for your future hubby,” Henry the photographer had voiced.  And the princess sent out a rose to him in form of subtle, sultry smile and then timidly voiced, “I’m not a picture person but I’ll grant you audience if I won’t pay!”

“Temptations but I don’t mix business with pleasure but I will do it for the first time and yes the last time too Miss … Mrs ….” Henry was waiting for her to fill in the blank space.

“Mrs. Picture!” Adjoa quipped and Henry laughed hysterically.

Adjoa liked another thing in Henry. His dentition; Henry liked other things in Adjoa. Her liquorice gum and soft, shy dimples.

He snapped her. And as a hunter he got her contacts.

11 months later they got engaged and 6 months later they became ‘The Pictures‘.

Conjugal bliss to today’s couples, first in the month of October, 2019.

Photo credit: pinterest


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