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The Place of Caricature, Sarcasm and Satire in Friendship.

Bernardo Silva jubilating with teammate Benjamin Mendy

Friends are typically mates and many times they inject satire, caricature and sarcasm into their friendship but just for the fun of it. A Caucasian whose friends are black and those friends address one another as Ni***a but joins them will need to be conscious and cautious otherwise he might be labeled ‘racist’ But if he limits the term to their circle and not in public no issue, no tissue is torn.

He’s motivation wasn’t to bully them but to sync and follow the flow.

Motivation (call it intention) is a very crucial term in Psychology and it explains the motives behind our behaviours.

The male version of a couple may address his partner as ‘Mrs. V’ maybe ‘Mrs. Vee’ and the female version may theme her partner ‘Mr. P’ perhaps ‘Mr. Pee’ and they may gladly, warmly tease each other with these titles in their home. No big deal?

The motivation is to release and receive fun, warmth, enjoy their own banters, never to bully each other BUT when they take this to the public they might insult the sensibility of others and people might see them as barbarians and label them unprintable names.

Dean and Dominic are best of friends and Dean often calls Dominic ‘My Dog’ now does that make Dominic feel bad? Nope. Does it trigger bad blood or bitterness between them? No!

So? They derive fun in it and Dominic often calls Dean, (DP) not ‘Display Picture’ but Dullard Prof. (From his name ‘Dean’ which shares title with the Dean of a college faculty). But they need to restraint themselves in public. Public involves people from all walks of life and their feelings must be respected as well as preserved.

We all know that couples sleep with themselves but when they do it in public it becomes misdemeanor maybe felony in some climes. Can you see the difference between private and public. One attracts ‘commendation’ and the other condemnation.

Bernardo Silva and Benjamin Mendy are teammates and friends and no bad blood between them so the issue of racism may not stand but because he expressed the satire in public (social media) which could influence many people it’s somewhat bad but he later deleted the post … his motivation is to tease and enjoy the fun inherent.

In my high school, a clique I belonged in terms of music dish out rap but sometimes go beyond this platform to tease other students which we all enjoy and laugh together. No one is hurt.

Many of us have friends who tease us, tear us apart but we don’t take offense because we know the motivation.

I believe Bernardo Silva had learnt his lessons and I guess he will restrain himself in his future dealings on social media. I know this article is a relatable tool that will resolve many issues in our diverse relationships.

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