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The ‘Hello’ Aspect of Communication (II)

‘Hello’ is a tradition as far as telephones and phones are concerned.

Hello, your ‘Hello’ increases shortly before, during and at a major life event – wedding, political appointment, change of location/return from trip … and the ‘hello’ of a staff may decline when on leave; but at times such may need to switch off their mobile lines and use the ones their co-workers, bosses, colleagues don’t have access to just to reduce or stop entirely the official “Hello” but NOT intimate ‘Hello’.

Successful investors, business people tend to be more on calls than on files and that means more hellos. Day Care Centres and artisans too tend to be in the centre of calls. Hellos.

Festive occasions/Birthdays/Anniversary.

“Hello, Happy Eid-el-Kabir, hajia”.

“Hello, hello, hello … the signal is bad … I can’t hear you but if you can pick my voice I’m sorry for disturbing you on your honeymoon, congrats dear, you’re dear to us all!”

“Hello Daniel, Merry Christmas. I love you dearly my son ….”

“Hello, congratulations mummy, we’re proud of you, you’re such a blessing to us all!”

“Hello Daniela, Happy Wedding Anniversary my adorable daughter ….”

“Hello, hello, hello … Oh Oscar same here ….”

“Hello … hello … hello I can’t hear you, please call me back!” That’s alagbari (microscopic scammer) (s)he doesn’t have credit or maybe doesn’t want to use same.

Don’t be surprised if some people say between 500 to 1000 ‘hellos’ or more in a day and if every ‘hello’ said translate to $100 many would have been Bill Gates by now!

We are olayemiogunojo.com and we are communicating here too but with words anchored on ‘Hello’.

We are Royalty and we are from Pearlvison

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