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The ‘Hello’ Aspect of Communication.

The ‘Hellos’ that CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) drop from their mouths per day are countless.

Information is crucial to life and that makes communication, life itself. The cries of babies is an alarm in the minds of nursing mums, music is entertainment-themed information, scents of animals mean a lot, in fact many times their life depend on same.

Now there’s one word many of us say many times a day without being conscious of and that’s what?


Alao’s ‘Hello, I’m Alao …’ preceeds, “How may I help you?”

The more you call (better still) are called the more you voice, ‘Hello’ and in the light of this, people who entertain high traffic calls, especially customer service representatives of companies particularly telecoms say ‘hello’ like they breathe air.

Business people et al also make and receive several calls a day and that means they lay many eggs of ‘Hellos’ in a day, and yes people who pick all calls regardless of whether it comes with caller ID or not, have the potential to observe the cliché – ‘Hello’ much more than those who have bias and selectively choose their callers.

The higher your hierarchy in an office or company or society or family the more calls you’re likely to entertain and the more ‘hellos’ you release; if you’re a religious leader, community leader, politician, head of a team, group … the more calls you’re likely to engage in and the more your ‘Hellos’.

When you’re on a trip your host and family are likely to ‘disturb you’ with calls and that’s “Hello, hello ….”

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