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Throwback Thursday (feat. Flip Phones and Life Lessons)

Flip it and feel it.

Sometime in recent history flip phones rule the GSM World and the heads of many users got swollen when they finally acquired same; some owe to own the gadget but I hope ‘Hope’ didn’t sleep with someone to hold this in her hands?

But if you do how many men will you sleep with to always be in vogue? Look, dove doesn’t change her feathers yet it’s always in vogue.

You. Not phones. Not gadgets. Don’t follow trend otherwise you will get to “10 before you’re 10” and interestingly this lesson is on 10/10/ (date)

“Anita, my babe finally bought me BB!” Hello, say the truth but where’s BB now?

Anita your classmate-cum-roommate protected and preserved her rights (dignity, feminism) but you, you left campus for town, you clubbed, warmed beds … that weekend before your ‘babe’ blessed you with that baby. Inanimate baby.

Anita was serious, brilliant and ended up getting a posh job with plush car and apartment but you ended up as baby mama slaying on social media thanks to the weekly wages you get from your baby daddy with numerous wives and mistresses

As source of income if you go about using your body over mind, aside abusing and insulting your body, brand you might sell the ideology to your daughters and the baton keeps landing in hands. How horrible!

Social media is ‘Nollywood’ but in this wood you are the director, actor producer …. makebelieve in fantasy.

Come on, be real. Live in true-life settings.

Rob, you don’t have to rob, dupe to use the latest phones, shoes, cars ….

Your personal brand over external brands.

These phones are no longer in vogue and many of them are now in the museum of life; the ones trending today will expire someday.

The world needs great people … be part of the heroes changing our world.

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