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Motivations Behind Diverse Weekend Trips.

Many individuals, families will be travelling this weekend to observe vacation.

It’s 8:45 pm Friday evening (October 11 2019) in Nigeria and London, and the weekend had begun some hours back. It’s Friday afternoon in some countries and so the weekend is just unfolding. Climes in North America especially the US and Canada are looking forward to their own weekend.

Yes it’s 12:45pm in California (US) same with Vancouver (Canada) but 03:45pm in New York … weekend strolling out of its cocoon.

Many men and some women will be traveling today (Friday) to spend the weekend with their families.

Some are on leave and so they are going to be with their family for about a month.

Many are travelling with their families for vacations, after all weekend is vacant and deserves to be stocked with fun, warmth and top class entertainment.

Hello, though it’s weekend many will be travelling for business and not pleasure ….

Weekend is events and many will change location to grace diverse occasions. Talk of wedding, naming, convocation, anniversary ….

Hello, Samantha a mum of two had done her calculations accurately and she’s leaving New York for California (her husband’s station). She’s going as just one person but her motivation is to return as two, the other one very small and fragile yes zygote. So she’s travelling for sex but beneath the sex is ‘Jr’. If she succeeds no one will know and it might likely take 4 weeks or more for the bearer (Samantha) to know and more months for others to know, no thanks, no big thanks to baby bump.

Interestingly some people travel for sex but beneath the sex is money NOT baby and many in these files are not married. Princess the mistress of Richard falls in this file.

Another class travel for sex but to become baby mama. They had secretly planned in advance to conceive and become baby mama and yes they see it as entitlement and in some cases to compel the man into marriage.

Neha is travelling to Texas to observe territoriality, paraphrased to ward off any woman trying to snatch her partner, Khan. To engage him and preoccupy his mind with her images and memories and finally as proactive measures.

Here she will leave her scents behind to clue any daughter of Eve with ‘evil intention’ that boss Khan (her fiancée) had been taken and the gate locked with the heaviest padlock. She will leave her old shoes, hair accessories, wristwatch … behind. And any straying woman will scan, pick the scent and if she’s smart and sensitive and sensible she will watch her back.

Refreshing weekend to you all.

Photo credit: fixmediauganda.wordpress.com


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