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Physical Settings for Nicknames.

Weekend means fun and merriment.

Many of us bagged our nicknames from our personalities, hobbies, cravings, likes, dislikes, settings, dreams and yes from derivatives of our names as so on. These nicknames go on to become stage names for some artistes, business name for entrepreneurs and at times it could evolve to other themes, things, expressions and experiences.

Interestingly some class adopt as first or last names and their children (in the case of men) bear same.

@ image the man had inadvertently, inevitably, said hello to yellow and don’t be surprised if one of his mischievous friends brand him ‘Yellow’ maybe ‘Oga Yellow’ perhaps ‘Yellow Pawpaw’ which could turn to Pawpaw or just Paw and in the case of ‘Yellow’ people who don’t know how he bagged the title might wonder how come a chocolate-skinned man became Yellow.

Hello to Mid-October weekend. May it be blessed and beautiful for us all.

Photo credit: Twitter


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