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The Rebellious Eyes from Distance.

Our eyes pick diverse signals (stimuli) from the environment which we react or respond to.

He was driving, travelling to go spend the weekend with his family. The man’s groin was on fire, he quickly parked and ran for prize but not as an Olympic Gold Medalist o. “Oh no,” says owl.

He saw a school and a beer palour but his mind was in turmoil. He ran to a wall to release the troublesome water hiding in his bladder, “Baa, Baa, Black sheep …. ” in the background but the man’s bladder actively biting and tormenting him couldn’t make him appreciate his favourite Nursery Rhyme. And flashback Friday couldn’t put him in memory lane.

With fingers on fire he unzipped his trousers, brought out his pipe and pointed it to the wall. It had not touched the wall when water gushed out but not from Water Corporation.

He kept on like that for several seconds and finally he began to shake his tool up-and-down; to release those small but very stubborn droplets lurking in his pipe but with the potential to gatecrash and wet his boxers. Stain. Microscopic stench.

He finally heaved a deep sigh of relieve and as he packaged his gift back into its wrapper he spotted a woman about 80metres away regarding him with rapt attention. For how long? He doesn’t know. Maybe so long.

You know 60 seconds could mean 60 minutes. He was embarrassed and attacked her,

So fe je ni?” (Do you want to eat).

Meanwhile he felt he had finally silenced and conquered his conquest but no!

She voiced, “Mi o sa!”  I don’t mind.


Ah, 2-0 in lieu of 1-1!

The beholder being a woman, makes the man expects a customized response from a set and notable amongst these is a tough, rough hiss but no she fought back! And he felt she must be a rebel, thug!

The lady was very dark and he very fair and he felt perhaps that was the attraction.

“Typical motor-park girl!” dropped in the man’s mind; by the way his name is “Mr. Mr” you may add ‘nick’ as prefix to the name to arrive at nickname.

Women are blessed with soft, tender voice and this woman tried to mimic same.

Mi o sa: literal meaning: “I’m not running”; figurative meaning: “I don’t mind” and that’s what “Mi o sa,” in this context connote.

sHe. The man was a wombman and his hustle, no fraud was impersonation. Flaw. Too bad!

He pretends to be a woman, pads his body … visits a club, allows men to run their hands around her anatomy and tax them for it.

Alas Eko re! Mother Christmas! The men had been scammed and many might feel:

“Ah I pressed her balloons very well and that’s returns on investment!” One customer

“Sure Lagos boy my mama na Soji I can’t carry last so I came as Tunji I enjoyed value for my money!” Another customer.

LOl. What you don’t know doesn’t hurt you they say!

Have a fun-filled weekend.

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