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Gender-Based House Chores (Mum-Daughter).

Mum and daughter cooking in the kitchen.

Culinary skills God blessed women with, after all He had engineered their makeup to that effect. Catch your daughter young. Explore. Expose her to kitchen and cooking. It will be useful to her first and foremost as well as her future family.

Milk and meat. The one blessed with breasts is also the one God had empowered to make bread in other words to cook for and feed her family.

Milk is the meal of the helpless baby and meat is the meal of children and adults.

Meat implies bread which is also food. It’s not unusual to teach your wife and children how to change car tyres and other skills, basic needs of motorists.

Where help can be sought, sourced they can feign ignorance, arrogance and prove queens, even angels that don’t use the rest-rooms but in emergencies they are covered!

Weekend, weekend, weekend. Shopping, TV, movies, novels with coffee, magazine with soft drink ….

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