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Instructions for Grace and Age for Your Marriage.

Wedding and marriage are milestones in life.

Today’s brides and grooms note: your life as singles (an individual) will end at your wedding and your life as double (couple) will begin at your marriage and both experiences go together and in the same facility. Yes the very second your wedding ends your marriage begins.

Women also have the privilege to be double in pregnancy and the 9-month gestation has it’s ups and downs and so it is with marriage.

Baby bump selfies. Many single ladies envy, better still want to rock, proudly rock their baby bumps as they had seen and seeing on social media but may not know that the experience is both thorns and roses.

So prepare your mind in advance, wedding can be ‘7-star’ but for your marriage to be ‘7-star’ you will have to start smart and starting smart entails knowing the recipe for a successful marital union.

Paste Understanding. Tolerance. Fidelity. Humility. Humanity. Trust. Empathy. Loyalty on your love, after all love is the foundation now your motivation is to keep the water in the fountain ceaselessly flowing and you will achieve that with forgiveness and perseverance.

Don’t be too proud to say, “I’m sorry!” when you’re hurt your partner and don’t be too conceited to say, “I forgive you!”. Hello in reality forgive and let go (forget)

Keep the fire of love and romance burning. So add fuel consistently and passionately. Keep dating each other. Be wise. Be the wine that gets better with age.

Your marriage will immeasurably impact your health, productivity (wealth) and longevity therefore see it as your heart and heartbeats. Don’t see it as another choice that can be thrashed with the drop of the hat, if it doesn’t work out fine. Remember many of us hardly pass tests, exams, competitions, we don’t take serious.

Conjugal bliss to today’s fresh couples.

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