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SMD (Social Media Drama: Messy Intimate Triangle) (I)

Social media users cut across age, space, gender and faith.

22 (f) vs. 49 (f) over 62 (m).

This love triangle according to reports revolve around Titi 22 single; Nwora (49) married with one child but separated from her husband and Atanda, 62.

Note: this is a true-life story (not figment of this writer’s imaginations) at least it was reported in the Nigerian media but let’s just use one of their names. It appears they live together in one building.

Atanda (m) was dating Nwora (f) but the latter later knew (told by neighbours) that anytime she wasn’t around Titi sneaks into her lover’s (Atanda) room. So one day Nwora confronted Atanda on the matter … and Titi heard that she (Nwora) had accused her … and that was the beginning of the palaver.

Fight eventually broke out and the two used urine as weapons (to bath themselves) … security agents finally came to arrest the situation and take them to their station.

‘M’ in the following comments connote male while ‘F’ female but this is based on the gender their DP highlights which (in some cases) don’t  translate to the true gender of the users while ‘Anonymous’ (A) means the user’s Id came as mobile contact.

These are the comments of the social media users after the report was published on a site. The comments are many but these ones were selectively picked.

User A (m): This is wickedness on the part of civilians, people can no longer separate a fight even in their own compound not until security men intervene, you see people are more wicked than the security men they complain about

User B (f): How can you (sic) fighting over a man shame to the both of you

User C (A): Shame on both of you

User D (A): Show of shame

User E (A): Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him and he cannot sin because he is born of God John 3vs8

Please note this user (User E) and follow-up in the part II of the article.

User F (f): Shameless girls

User G (A): This user commented on the man’s prowess and giant member which is unprintable here. Note this user (G) as well.

User H (f): Three of them are not responsible at all. Shameless ….

User I (A): This user linked their acts with poverty in the country

User J (f): aye o ja mo, owo laye mo. Life is vanity but money is what humans worship

User K (A): To me all of them are not responsible fighting for something that does not belong to you. The man in question is not responsible as well. How can you be dating two women in the same compound.

User L (A): was man made for only one lady?

User M (f): na wah for ndi ofe mmanu, Yoruba abeg make I ask y (sic) una dey always pee inside bucket. Please note this user (User L) as well.

Continues in part II

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