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SMD (Social Media Drama: Messy Intimate Triangle) (II)

Social media is big source of infotainment.

Dissecting the Diverse Personalities on Social Media.

The Disciplinarians: This class of people are specialists in tongue-lashing people in the centre of the storm. There’s a sub-unit in this category and they are the ones that stereotype. Now if it’s a man that does bad the female users in this context will use the opportunity to sweep all the dirt and filth in this world to men’s body and vice-versa.

Let’s access this  case studies (imaginations) for clarity:

“I said it, men are vultures; they are uncultured after all once they sight a moving skirt they become the child begging for candy. Not one of them can stay faithful to the vow ‘Till death do us part’. Not one. Men, men, men how many times did I call you people?” – female user.

The reverse of case study I

“God created fabrics, fashion because of women but they took it further, farther with aso ebi; and since they must pass through the highway of money to visit fashion, money became their trap, weakness. They must worship money. That same money pushed these two women into that shameful act!” – male user.

The preachers: This class of people have sensitive eyes and sagacious minds. They dramatically turn every opportunity on social media to sermon. User E in the last article is a typical example. In addition some will round off with their church address. “Come and worship God @ ….. Tabernacle. God and your miracle await you. Come one, come all.”

So what did User E passed across. “Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him and he cannot sin because he is born of God John 3vs8.”

Anyway this ideology isn’t bad if there’s no condemnation!

The Bigots: This class are full of bias, sentiments which makes them express stereotype and even prejudice. User L (from last article) is a typical example in this context let’s peruse her submission: “Na wah for ndi ofe mmanu, Yoruba abeg make I ask y (sic) una dey always pee inside bucket.” Stereotype there, right?

“Ah, Calabar women! No Calabar woman can claim she had never snatched another woman’s partner? If she know use pot of soup she go use pot of hips!”

Note: Any woman can use her culinary skills or body or beauty or brains as competitive edge in love or life and by that we are not endorsing the snatching of people’s partners neither are we encouraging extra-marital affairs nor illicit unions.

The point is clear and that’s any member of any ethnic group or race could be guilty of the allegations because good, fair and bad people populate all ethnic groups and races.

Back to the user @ L: Now the user had forgotten that one of the two women was bearing ‘Nwora’ I guess as last name which isn’t Yoruba so what is she saying? Besides tell me is it only Yorubas, or Igbos or Hausas or Ijaws and so on that use potty? Of course no!

Any member, in fact members of all ethnic groups in Nigeria live in face-to-face apartments where you have to come out of your room at night to use the restroom which could be outside the building itself and that could be tedious and/or risky – the motivation for their using the waste item we label potty and early in the morning they dispose!

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