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Let’s Talk About Food and Wellness this Weekend

Food tastes good and when laced with fruits and vegetables we turn to drugs. Health and wellness.

‘White’ is pure:

Eat more of white meats: fish and poultry: chicken, turkey and less of red meats.

Wholesome vegetable oil: corn oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, canola oil. I know many Africans see ‘Church’ than ‘kitchen’ in olive oil because we’d spiritualized the item which makes it relatively expensive and not readily accessible.

‘White’ is impure:

Sugar and salt. So consume less. Reduce your soda intake, take away the salt cellar from your dinning table. Workout. Walk.

Weekend is here and food, fashion and fun loading …..

Note: fish isn’t labelled under ‘white meat’ but we literally add to the list.

… enriching lives across miles

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