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The Place (Palace or Pit) of Men and Women in Our Society.

A grocery market in the Gambia. Women are skilled in trading business and they populate, predominate our local markets as well as shopping malls.

The society that handle men (guilty of promiscuity, patronize hawkers, into extramarital affairs) with kid gloves but condemns women in their shoes is also quick to reprimand men caught in unfortunate circumstance or helpless situation.

“Come on, Collins you disappointed me big time; in fact I don’t expect you to be crying, sobbing, and truth be told I don’t see you as adult anymore but a child!”

Meanwhile the speaker had been with Collins’ wife pacifying her all along. “Please take heart, dear everything will be fine!”

Monique in Mozambique visits a boutique and asks the retailer, “Aunty please I came to this neighbourhood to see my aunt but I learnt from her neighbours that she had travelled and I’m stranded … can you please give me transport fare back home?”

“Oh, how much do you need? Mind you add your lunch money to it?” The boutique owner voiced coolly.

But that’s not to say that Monique is immune to embarrassment, in that she could meet someone who might be rude to her and some people especially men could try take advantage of her vulnerability.

Now if Monique meets a typical man and demands transport-fare from him, he might be willing to help, in fact much more than an ideal woman because males tend to show more empathy to females and vice-versa.

Mathew finds himself in Monique’s shoes now if he seeks help from the aforementioned retailer she might help but she could also feel:

He’s a man now can’t he walk home or work menially. Instead of begging, he should do odd jobs make quick money and transport himself home. After all he’s a MAN.”

The retailer could even feel Matthew probably had evil intent, maybe planning to rob her and she might consequently embarrass him, “Please leave my store, right away before I call the security!”

Twins: male and female: Hassan and Hassana were walking home from school when their school principal driving along their way saw them and voiced, “Hello my students I’d have loved to give both of you a ride but I’ve got just a vacant seat left so Hassana hop in and join your teachers. Hassan, sorry … hmm maybe I should take back my apologies after all you’re a man and home is about 950metres away!”

The society that nags women in one context but praises men also criticizes men in another and celebrates women.

Domestic violence. Kwame’s wife had injured him and when he went to the station to report, the policemen turned him to banter; he became their suya and they laughed till tears escaped from their eyes.

“Your wife beats you and you feel coming to report at the station is best for you? I propose to you to get born again, become a child once more, better still wait patiently for weeks for Father Christmas to file your case before him!” says one officer.

“This isn’t kindergarten where we attend to kids but police station where we handle polluted cases, serious matters!” Another voiced

“Wrong place Mr. Man, wrong place. This is a police station not polling or railway station!” the third officer went satirical and all of them burst into laughter.

Mind you, I’m not saying the officers were right!

It’s a 9; no it’s a 6!

The society is friendly to women in some cases and harsh to them in another and this is applicable to men as well.

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