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(God-Man Partnership) God as First and Last Doctor.

Patient in ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

We care God Cures is a medical parlance and it attests to the supremacy of providence in issues surrounding our our health, and life in general.

Air is full of diverse elements but oxygen is very crucial and critical; we breathe in this resource to survive after all, all cells of our bodies make use of oxygen (as raw material) for all its activities. If there’s demand but no supply these resources will go extinct and God engineered life with cycle.

Oxygen cycle. Hydrogen Cycle. Nitrogen Cycle. Carbon Cycle. The supreme intelligence of life’s numero uno. God Almighty.

Our hearts, lungs, liver, muscles … all make use of air (oxygen) to carry out their daily activities … we convert our food to energy (burning of calories) thanks to air.

God gave us air for free but if we have problems breathing naturally, life-support machines take over the activities of our bodies. God blessed humanity with air and the science in Him inspired us to make our own air to give life to patients in critical conditions.

The air we breathe, in hospital we buy unlike the natural air which is free; we breathe without even thinking of same. It’s instinct. It’s seamless. It’s ceaseless …. It’s life.

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