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Welcome to the City of Eggs.

How many boiled eggs have you eaten your entire life?

I know many will paste “How will I know?” on their subtle smiles. Khadijah says, “Countless!”

Egg is two parts: egg-white and egg-yolk. Egg-yolk (yellow part@ image) is the seat of cholesterol in eggs but not egg-white but egg-yolk is sweeter than egg-white which is almost tasteless.

‘Boil your eggs’ is safer, healthier than ‘fry your eggs’ because egg contains cholesterol and vegetable oils also contain fats. However that’s not to say frying your eggs is unhealthy neither is it a boo on your heart and its vessels so it’s never a taboo. Boil your eggs and fry your eggs with safe cooking oils: sunflower oil, corn oil, olive oil and so on.

Boiled eggs are like tangerine, easy to skin … and sink into your mouth. What God had joined together, let no finger put asunder. Yes some eggs are very stubborn and difficult to peel and if you peel, the shell will grab its egg-white and walk down the aisle with same. This frustrates many and many also send their mouths on errands to scrape off the little egg-white selotaped to the shell. Can we have couples who are into each other like that? Possible!

Boiled eggs are available on our highways and that’s why boiled eggs and trips correlate. Aside boiled eggs, sausage rolls, bread, fruits, bottled water, palm-oil, chilled beverages … are all available.

Hello Dembele, cultivate the habit of supporting your environment by not throwing egg shells, PET bottles, nylon bags, papers from your car when you’re travelling. Maryam, you went to school … stop throwing wastes from cabs, commercial buses it’s dirty!

Many had eaten some boiled eggs today and many more will enjoy it this evening and some in bed observing night’s rest right now will do tomorrow morning. Across the globe millions of eggs go down the drain every blessed day. Big thanks to our dutiful layers!

They say one egg a day keeps the doctor away but then one egg a day means 7 per week. That’s too much especially for senior citizens and middle-aged demographics.

Convalescents, patients in hospitals, at home lose energy at jet speed but they seriously need energy and unfortunately, ironically their mouths bear malice with food. Good news. Eggs are loaded for this duty and not a mountain to eat and swallow. So it’s a special gift from nature for our ailing family members. Tap into this.

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