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How Beauty, Variety and Familiarity Impact Your Personal Brand (II)

The colour of her phone tallies with the colour of her skin.

Complexion is colour of skin and it’s significant to Africans and yes colour of hair is significant to whites and based on this we’ve black-haired, brunettes, blondes and so on. Did you know that an ideal raven-haired woman may cherish blonde hairs and blondes may desire raven-hair and so on.

Brunettes, blondes … have carried their signature hair around all their lives and so it becomes a cliché to them.

The available isn’t the desirable because familiarity breeds contempt.

I used to cherish blondes and was biased toward them but overtime I discovered that none has monopoly of beauty and how you wear your hair, carry around and cherish say a lot than the colour of your hair itself same with complexion.

Chocolate is appealing and we have chocolate-skinned Africans and yes some whites have chocolate-themed hair which isn’t chocolate colour in reality.

If you’re detailed you’ll notice that blondes have strands of black hair and raven-hair ladies also sports strands of brunette and so on, though the nature of hair could be the exclusive preserve of some. In a nutshell everyone is unique.

Some Africans tone their colour from ebony to fair and that means not all fair-skinned women, men are naturally fair but it’s fair to say all ebony-skinned people are actually dark because cosmetics … hardly convert fair skin to ebony but the reverse is so easy.

Just as some African men, women change their complexion white women also change the colour of their hair and raven-haired women can sport blonde hair and so on. This is acceptable, commendable but that of complexion isn’t.

Women are detailed when it comes to fashion and beauty … Tina wants to look like her friend Anita and vice versa. This delicate issue is limitless and it’s got its tentacles in the purview of hips, lips, bust, height and so on.

Sizable. Is there anything like sizable? In other words midway – not big, not small but fair. ‘Big’ to Erica could be perceived as ‘small’ to Monica and so big vs. small is a relative term.

Diverse perceptions of the bearers of this statistics in one statement.

Hips: “small, too small, fair, not big, not big enough, big but not curvy enough; curvy at an inappropriate angle ….”

Lips: “big, too big, too small, too dry, too scaly, too dark but I don’t smoke now ….”

Bust: “small, too small, big, too big, not perky enough ….”

Forehead. Some women see their foreheads as big, maybe too big; some perceives theirs as disproportionate and some even hate their anatomy ….

In conclusion, enjoy your life while you have breath in you. Inhale life; exhale love now when you advance in age you might realize that you went though life converting molehills to mountains and in some cases mountains to Everest. How bad!

Fall in love with your brand, flaunt to cherish; cherish to flaunt. The perfect woman is one who falls in love with her body, brand and feels safe in same.

So it’s NOT the one who conforms to the ever-changing  dictates and standard of the world which lacks  blueprint, template but one who enjoys self-love. This issue is actually a war and you win if you choose to be the first citizen of your world!

We are . … enriching lives across mile.

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