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How Beauty, Variety and Familiarity Impact Your Personal Brand.

The raven-haired lady has strands of brown hair and the blonde has strands of black hair but in terms of complexion the lady on the left (black-haired) is darker than the blonde.

Skin colour vs. Hair colour.

As kids many of us see and envy some things in our peers, playmates, age-mates, classmates name it. We cherish and also envy good looks, birthdays, toys, hair type, exploits in sports, special gifts: brilliance, ability to sing, run, maybe dance, drum, good features, and more importantly we see our friends’ success from the perspectives of their parents.

Because we see and associate their riches, success to all members of their family but just as we’re seeing and saying some are rich; some are also seeing us as rich and so on.

But as we advance in age we begin to see, separate, and relate with individuals based on their personal success and this often motivates us to excel and that’s excellence.

The closest person to you is the one you see in the mirror and practically speaking familiarity breeds contempt. Complexion is serious issue to many Africans unlike whites whose hair colour in their case holds sway.

@ image: some Americans, Europeans et al are labelled dark but in reality they are all whites. But are they really white? Our teeth is close to white yet the colour isn’t white and that means Caucasians are not white!

Some mistakes are accessible, visible and acceptable.

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