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The Mistakes our Mums Made and the Effects in Our Society.

Eve was at ‘home’ when the serpent came and Adam had gone to ‘work’ but because Eve had Adam’s heart in her hands he influenced him though negatively in this context.

‘The Mistakes our Mums Made’ is being manufactured in cartons and the baton is being passed from generations-to-generations. By ‘our mums’ I mean women from age 60 upwards.

Education is knowledge and awareness and their applications will surely change our homes and societies.

An ideal woman is possessive and many times they use the influence they have on their partners to win their hearts and in the long run they realize their goals (good or bad).

Brothers many times need to understand and relate with this weakness of women to convert their ‘informal dealings to formal’ otherwise they might end up being strangers. Not all women are guilty of this and perhaps the instinct could be crucial in ancient times even till date.

Women who are sisters, mums understand this too otherwise your married brother, son will see you as plague to run away from. You can be very close to your married brother, son yet not too detailed.

Women are charismatic and influential if they know where their weapons, strengths and resources lie. Now I’m not talking to you if you want to manipulate maybe subdue your partner, boss and turn to pawn in your palm.

Many women had used pregnancy in the past to lure marriage-fearing men into marriage and many had used the tech, only to end up being single mums. Do what is right, moral, normal with this piece of information.

By the way protective sex should be your mandate, if you feel you can’t abstain and the good news, it’s tested and trusted and most advanced tech.

Women of several decades back especially African women had lovely, peaceful homes and not because they were compelled or subjugated (though some were) but because they understood their place in their home and marriage.

They were patient, tolerant, compassionate and very passionate about their marriage and if you cherish something, many times you persevere to preserve.

Education and ignorance are partners. Many of our mums were illiterates, many were semi-literates, some educated but very few were (are) very educated. I’m talking about women born 60, 70, 80, 90 … years ago.

Because they weren’t too exposed to formal education; informal instructions had bigger share in their faculty and the moral education helped them immeasurably and wholesomely well.

If you’ve both formal and moral education, you’re blessed now pause to tap into your mine of blessings.

The mindset of many women today is “I’m educated; employed (maybe employable) and I can’t take rubbish from any man in the name of marriage.”

Hey this template is temptations at its peak! Don’t forget women have friends ‘who don’t take rubbish in their homes‘ and advice their friends as such.

They say this to look smart but some of them don’t take but actually eat refuse, rubbish, garbage,  in their own marriage. Interestingly with their advice they had led many, maybe leading their friends, nieces, neighbours … astray. And some do it with evil intent and not to appear smart.

Your wife is a queen so treat her as such, gift her 21st century-compliant home of educated and enlightened men.


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