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Leadership as Skills and Selfless Service (II)

Intimate leaders know and show empathy.

God made man the leader of his home and also made him the primary worker and breadwinner and the woman as his support base.

As a man you don’t deserve to be the leader of your home if:

1. you’re not financially disciplined

2. you’re immature

3. and irresponsible.

With these attributes ‘endure’ will establish its head office in your home while ‘enjoy’ will struggle to be a branch office and that’s issues.

As a man, leader you’re your wife’s employer, boss, boy, fan, friend and family. You’re to bring out the very best in her ….

You’re her fan but you’ll need to be firm sometimes; many times you’ll follow, many times you’ll thrash your opinions … and tender her convictions and so on.

Men are divine leaders nonetheless some factors, status make women assume full leadership positions in their homes and they are:

Baby mama syndrome. His legitimate wife and family eats 70% of his family time, and resources and so you end up getting 30% and so the onus lies on you to assume full leadership.


If the man isn’t physically around due to work or study. Perhaps he’s working abroad, studying abroad maybe in another city and so on.

If the man is no longer alive. His wife automatically, permanently takes full responsibility.

If the man failed to take leadership responsibility, for instance he spends his resources on women, drugs, alcohol. And in some cases eye service afflicts him. Here he assumes the position of ‘father of all nations’ to the detriment of his own family. Family in hungry mode for a week and counting and those enjoying his largess are glowing.

It’s the hobby of many of us to accuse and abuse our leaders, regardless of their sacrifices and input in office. Though some deserve c-r-i-t-i-c-i-s-m, in that they are woeful performers conversely some actually demand commendation, ovation for their exploits nonetheless many of us still nag them.

Your wife sees and puts you in that office too (invincible) that’s why she sees you as angel who can’t, shouldn’t make mistakes hence so quick to nag and complain about your attitudes, spendings even if you’re prudent and diligent.

We are not supporting the idea because you’re human, but highlighting the fact that the crown is a hot seat and you need to be selfless and tolerant.

At times she collects all you’ve got and comes back to bark and bite you if you’re broke, so know when to say no even when your pocket can say yes. It’s for your overall good.

You’re a leader, be humble, give honey, show you care but remember your marriage isn’t 24/7 honeymoon so be a honey bee and at times a bumble bee.

Be considerate but don’t be a flip-phone in her hand and that of your family. What am I saying? Be firm when you need to!  Flexibility not rigidity defines leadership.

I’m a leader and I know what I’m talking about.

We are from Pearlvision

And we are olayemiogunojo.com … enriching lives across miles

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