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Beach-Proposal (Public vs. Private)

Beach-proposal is cool, good and romantic for nature lovers but when and where you observe same could make it public or private.

On weekends or on special occasion it’s likely to be public but on other days it could private or have elements of privacy. But not to forget that there are many private beaches you can choose to observe same.

I love proposal and I cherish men who kneel to observe same but seriously speaking I’m not a big fan of ‘kneeling to propose,’ though it’s romantic and does a lot of good in your marriage but we are all unique in our own ways.

Did you know that some women may decide to stay in their marriage and make it work just because of the gesture of kneeling to propose to them? Yes big thanks to the memories, motivation and inspiration powered by their partners’ kneeling to propose marriage to them.

Many (maybe most) women will have an idea when your proposal is coming, thanks to their intuitive power.

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